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Our Story of Hope

A caring relationship plus a job lifts a gang member from the streets into a life of hope and success.


The True Story of Redemption.

Read the story about a boy from the streets who straightened out his life, only to find out he was being deported to Cambodia. What happens next will amaze you.

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New Year, New Expectations

A new year is supposed to bring expectations of better days, but for many young men, a life of hopelessness is all they can see. The idea of a job is impossible to imagine, and the thought of even trying seems futile and pointless. In fact, one of the greatest characteristics we see in the […]

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Looking Forward

A couple of years ago his 2-year-old brother was killed in a drive-by shooting. Two weeks ago his teenage sister was gunned down by rival gang members. It is not a season to be jolly for this young man. A high school dropout and a Bulldog gang member, the odds are stacked against him. Yet, […]

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Hiring our Youth is a worthy investment. We offer employers a win-win relationship with our Hope Now youth. At-Risk youth can be excellent employees.

A word from some of our employers

  • We are truly blessed by the work at Hope Now with two of my employees. We’ve experienced remarkable success and accountability of their program; all in the name of the Lord.

    Bill Lebda
    Owner, Secure-It-New
  • We have a long and successful history of working with Hope Now For Youth. We are proud to have placed a number of their clients with the employers we serve. Many have been hired from temporary positions to full time employment.

    Tim Conboy
    Marketing Manager, Ultimate Staffing Services
  • Fresno Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has been a proud sponsor and partner with Hope Now For Youth for over 20 years. We are only where we are today through the grace of God and look forward to a future supporting Hope Now For Youth–mutually benefiting by gaining dedicated employees and contributing to the betterment of our community.

    Larry Kumpe
    President/Owner, Fresno Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
  • Hope Now For Youth always sends us hard working employees when we need them. I recommend Hope Now to employers needing labor. Hiring from this organization helps put a young man on the right track.

    Jason Newman
    Plant Manager, Dan-D-Pak
  • We are impressed by this organization and their assistance and dedication to young men in our community. The staff at Hope Now helps so many employees and employers, their never-ending love and support cannot be measured. Our company has been truly blessed to hire young men from Hope Now For Youth.

    Bill Rolbiecki
    Manager, Secure-It-New
  • I’ve had a great experience working with Hope Now For Youth. The organization is a helpful resource that we can turn to when we are looking for candidates for employment. We have found employees hired through Hope Now have a good attitude, are respectful, and grateful for the opportunity.

    Jared Medaris
    President, Expo Party Rentals
  • We have worked with Hope Now For Youth since 2006. We are proud to say that many individuals who have come from Hope Now are some of our best employees. Hope Now is professional and upstanding in their work ethic.

    Toni Kemp
    National Director, Exact Staff Inc.
  • We have on two occasions hired young men brought to us from Hope Now For Youth. Each young man has been respectful, kind, and loved by our pastors, directors and office staff.

    George Posthumus
    Senior Pastor, Riverpark Bible Church
  • Our relationship with the Hope Now Ministry has been a true blessing to our staff, congregation and community. I feel blessed that the Lord has placed me in a position where I can have direct contact with people like the Hope Now staff and its participants. This ministry presents a shining light in our broken world.

    Torsten Grunberg
    Director of Finance & Facilities, First Presbyterian Church, Fresno