We offer Employers a win-win relationship with our Hope Now youth.

Yes, At-Risk Youth can be excellent and loyal employees if:

Hire A Youth

  1. They want to change their lives and take some initiative to make those changes. Hope Now makes contact with a youth, gives him a business card, and asks him to call us if he wants to leave the streets.
  2. They are young enough to still be teachable. Hope Now targets at-risk young men, ages 16 to 24.
  3. They are taught to be responsible and trustworthy. Hope Now enables responsible solutions to family and legal problems and teaches trustworthiness through trust.
  4. They are taught to reliably care about their lives and future. Hope Now teaches caring by caring, and reliability by requiring accountability.
  5. They are recognized as people of worth with something to offer. Hope Now provides at-risk youth discipline, dignity and respect through temporary work.
  6. They are enabled to give their best at work. Hope Now continues to assist an employed youth in responsibly solving life problems so that he can focus on his job.

Hiring our Youth is a worthy investment in which everybody benefits.

Our Commitment to the Employer:

  1. We will screen and recommend to the employer young men for employment.
  2. We will provide the young man with basic training relating to appearance and attitude.
  3. We will maintain a caring and helping relationship with the at-risk youth during the term of his employment so as to minimize any risk of failure.
  4. We will remain accessible to the employer to assist in any way requested to make our referral as productive an employee as possible.
  5. We will be available to provide additional referrals for employment.

It makes good economic sense to hire trained youth from Hope Now.

The Employer’s Commitment to the Employees:

  1. The young man will be treated with acceptance and respect as would any employee of your company.
  2. The employer will pay the young man a fair wage giving raises as earned.
  3. Recognizing the troubled background of the young man, the employer may choose to assist with special training in areas of timeliness, the handling of money, etc.
  4. The employer will allow occasional visits by the Vocational Placement Counselor to check on the progress of the young man. The Counselor will check in at the office prior to visiting the employee.
  5. The employer will notify Hope Now For Youth if the work or attitude of the employee is unsatisfactory, recognizing our willingness to assist with the problem if desired.

A sound invenstment today yields plenty tomorrow.

We are impressed by this organization and their assistance and dedication to young men in our community. The staff at Hope Now helps so many employees and employers, their never-ending love and support cannot be measured. Our company has been truly blessed to hire young men from Hope Now For Youth.

Bill Rolbiecki
Manager, Secure-It-New
Hope Now Job Crew
Hope Now Worker
Hope Now Worker
Biked To Work

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