Two steps and you’re up.

A caring relationship, plus a job, lifts a youth from the streets.

Mission Statement

Based on the examples of our Lord Jesus Christ, Hope Now For Youth provides opportunities and support for young men caught up in gangs who want to change their lives and become productive, responsible and law-abiding parents and citizens. Hope Now accomplishes this by providing:

  • A caring relationship which builds self-worth and confidence.
  • Models of Christian values and work ethic which inspire productive citizenship.
  • Preparation for and placement in a job as an achievable economic alternative to gang crime and violence.
  • Scholarships which encourage further education.
  • Training of families in healthy relationships.

Purpose Statement

Our VisionHope Now For Youth is a Christian emergency rescue team for young men, ages 16 to 39, who are gang members or have criminal records. Through caring and helping relationships and employment, we aim to lift gang members from the streets to a life of hope and success. We are motivated by the command found in Scripture, to love our neighbor as ourselves. Through deed and word, we strive to present Jesus Christ as the hope for eternal life, Almighty God as the heavenly Father who cares far more than we do, and the Church as the loving family which will never abandon you. We will not allow fulfillment of our own spiritual hopes for these men to become the condition of our help; We assist all young men who desire our help. To fall short of providing loving encouragement and gainful employment for any young man who sincerely desires our assistance in leaving the streets is to consign him to prison or death. God helping us, we will not fail to always offer life.

Hope Now Vision

Obeying our Lord Jesus Christ, Hope Now For Youth envisions a safe, gang-free community in which all young men are offered a hope-filled future based on the opportunity to make good choices and to develop integrity by becoming responsible fathers who achieve their God-given potential in loving and supporting their families.

Hope Now Teaching
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