A caring relationship, plus a job…

Achievementlifts a gang member from the streets into a life of hope and success. Hope Now For Youth is a local non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, endorsed by the Fresno Business Council and civic leaders, whose purpose is to bring youth out of gangs into a productive life through loving and caring relationships and jobs.

Hope Now For Youth employs former Hope Now youth whose lives have changed to serve as both role models and vocational placement counselors who find gainful employment for disadvantaged young men involved in gangs, ages 16 to 39. As of the fall of 2017 we have placed over 2,270 youth, most of whom are gang members with criminal records, in first-time jobs. Almost all of these youths are on parole or probation and over 65 of the young men who complete the Hope Now program retain their jobs.

Hope Now For Youth is a cost-effective method for dealing with juvenile crime. Just how effective can be determined from the fact that it costs upwards of $95,000 per year to prosecute and incarcerate a youth. By contrast, it costs just over $6,000 for Hope Now to do the relationship-building, (re)parenting, mentoring, job preparedness training, job development and job placement and follow-up to lift an at-risk youth from the streets into the American mainstream. Marriage and Family Classes are offered to further stabilize the youth and his loved ones. Hope Now’s current budget of $700,000, provides for nine full-time employees, and is supported by hundreds of concerned individuals, service and professional organizations, churches, businesses, and foundations.

Our Philosophy

Water Volleyball at Rev Minassian'sThe philosophical basis of Hope Now is the Christian ethical value system…because it works! Change in a young person’s life occurs only through a long-term relationship of love, help, and understanding. Hope for a better future comes from faith in a loving God who holds the future in his hands. As a Christian organization, we believe that spiritual hope offered through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is essential to long-term personal change.

There is HOPE NOW

These young men desire and need to start believing they have a good future and the opportunity is there to work toward that future in a job. The best way to protect your investment in this community is by investing in these youth. Will you help?

Hope Now Graduate
Valentino Valero
Hope Now Job Crew
  • “We support Hope Now for Youth because they truly provide what their name says. They are on the streets of Fresno providing hope to young men who desperately need hope. And they are doing it in the name of Jesus. We all know that without a job it is almost impossible to feel self-worth and dignity. And we know how hard it is to get a job. So having Hope Now stand shoulder to shoulder with young men to train them, encourage them and pick them up when they need it is invaluable to our community.”

    J. and C. Tienken
    -Fresno, CA
  • “I’ve had a great experience working with Hope Now For Youth. The organization is a helpful resource that we can turn to when we are looking for candidates for employment. We have found employees hired through Hope Now have a good attitude, are respectful and grateful for the opportunity.”

    Jared Medaris
    President, Expo Party Rentals
  • “My Hope Now For Youth counselor was a significant part of my change. I can’t emphasize that enough. He was always there for me and always on me when I felt like giving up. I remember him coming to my house and bringing quilts. My girlfriend and I were blown away how much he cared about us. We weren’t used to that kind of love.”

    -Gilbert R.
    Program Graduate