Pastor Bryce Naylor
Executive Director, since 2018

Pastor Bryce is the Executive Director of Hope Now For Youth. He served in various leadership positions since joining Hope Now For Youth in 2005. He has led the organization since 2018.

He is a licensed pastor and an elder in Hope Now Bible Church. He leads music and preaches on various Lord’s Days throughout the year.

Pastor Bryce is a graduate of Simpson University. He has served in various Christian ministries over the past several years including Forest Home Conference Center, located in the San Bernardino mountains.

Bryce has traveled to places such as the Middle East, the U.K.,India and Cambodia. He is married to Kara since 2004, and has four sons. He enjoys reading, coffee, gospel music, watching Dodgers baseball, basketball, golfing, cycling, anything outdoors including barbecuing, and being a loving husband and affectionate dad to his sons.

Johnny Trujillo
Vocational Placement Counselor, since 2011

Johnny Trujillo is a Vocational Placement Counselor. He came to Hope Now in the mid-2000’s and after graduation had a date with the court to fulfill an 18 month prison sentence. Upon his release, Johnny worked in cabinetry and roofing. In 2011 he was hired as a gang youth advocate, to recruit young gang members from the streets.

He loves cycling, and has always enjoyed fishing and camping (although he never catches any fish). He is part of “Like Martin Park” in the Lowell neighborhood and is an Adult Ally for the California Endowment. He has a passion to help others and serve those less fortunate than himself. He is presently attending Penn Foster Online High School and is nearing completion of his diploma.

Johnny is married and has five children. He and his wife are members of Hope Now Bible Church where they direct the youth group. Johnny is the missions coordinator and director of the church’s motor pool (2 vans).

Sergio Perez
Lead Vocational Placement Counselor, since 2000

Sergio Perez is Lead Vocational Placement Counselor. He is a faithful and longstanding staff member of Hope Now; being a part of the team since 2000. Sergio was born in Fresno and now lives in Clovis with his wife and children.

During his high school years Sergio was expelled over and over again for fighting, vandalism and ditching. He was expelled not only from school but from the school district. He moved on to George M. DeWolf continuation school where he graduated through hard work and encouragement of Hope Now. He also obtained a certificate in auto body work from Edison High School

The day he came to Hope Now, he was going to take his life, but a dinner with Rev. Roger Minassian changed and saved his life. Sergio was a Hope Now graduate in the late 1990’s. Since 2000 Sergio has been an asset to our Hope Now team.

He enjoys fishing and camping, home repairs, lifted trucks and fast cars. He is a property manager/owner of a tri-plex apartment complex in Fresno. He is married and has three children.

Sergio and his wife are members of Hope Now Bible Church where they serve the Lord by teaching Sunday School to kindergarteners through second graders.

Jesse Castro
Director of Employment Development, since 2001

Jesse Castro is director of employment development. He was born in Fresno and currently lives in Northwest Fresno with his wife and four of seven children.

He went to school in southwest Fresno and Mendota as a child, then attended several high schools and continuation school. He received his G.E.D. from Caesar Chavez Adult School. Jesse also received his Drug and Alcohol Counseling certificate from Fresno City College.

Jesse was introduced to Hope Now For Youth as a youth in our program in 1995. His first job was at Scelzi Enterprise. From there Hope Now placed him in Sinbad Sweets, then Lyons Magnus as a delivery driver for their maintenance department. In 1999 he studied and attained a class “A” driver license and found a job on his own at Waste Management in Fowler, CA.

In October 2001, Jesse was hired to be a counselor for Hope Now. Within a few years he became lead counselor, then program director, director of job development and now director of employment development.

Jesse was recognized by Hope now as outstanding youth in 1998. He has a passion to help young men and young fathers change from a life of destruction and despair to a life of love for Jesus, family, success at work and home.

Paul Varela
Vocational Placement Counselor, since 2011

Paul Varela is a Vocational Placement Counselor. He was born in Fresno, CA and now owns a home in west Fresno. Paul was introduced to Hope Now as a youth while he struggled through life as a gang member, drug dealer and meth user. At Hope Now he found love he never knew existed and love that he thought he didn’t deserve. But God and Hope Now saw it differently.

After graduating from Hope Now, Paul worked at Jack’s Car Wash, City of Fresno, Keiser Corporation, and now Hope Now For Youth.

He graduated from Clovis Adult School in 2013 with a scholarship for outstanding academics. Shortly after graduation he enrolled in Moody Bible Institute where he received his AA degree in Biblical Studies. He has received a certificate in Teaching Children Effectively through Child Evangelism Fellowship, and was 2015 Student of the Year in Art of Shotokan Karate.

Paul has a passion and desire to share the beauty and glory of Jesus Christ to the lost and broken. He has a heart for those in despair and who suffer from addictions. He gets no greater joy than watching a person give his life to Jesus. He boldly preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ. He also enjoys martial arts (Shotokan Karate) and has trained over four years. He likes fishing, and a nice cup of coffee. He is married and has five children.

Paul is Prayer Coordinator in Hope Now Bible Church where he worships and serves.

Jack Morris
Executive Associate, since 2013

Jack Morris is executive associate in charge of our accounting, donor communications and client database development. He was born in Santa Barbara, CA, but grew up in Santa Maria, CA. He has lived in Fresno since 1981.

Jack graduated from Fresno State in 1982 with a degree in Business Administration, Summa Cum Laude. His accounting emphasis has allowed him to work with reputable companies like Arthur Young and Co., Granville Homes, Inc., and his own payroll service (Morris Payroll Services) from 2001-2013 until he sold the company to come on staff with Hope Now.

He enjoys reading, time with family, watching his nephew play professional soccer for Seattle Sounders and the United States National Team, playing tennis, and tinkering with an old car (1977, 280z).

He is married with two grown children. Jack is active in his church, Northpointe Community Church. He recently visited Israel.

Rev. Roger Minassian
Retired, Founder (First Executive Director)

Rev. Roger Minassian took up the mantle to be the first of many who would help break the cycle of hopelessness in our youth culture. He left his church where he was the pastor and followed Jesus on the streets of the city.

He founded Hope Now, in Fresno, California on February 1, 1993 and became the first executive director. He turned over the reins to Pastor Roger Feenstra in 2004, and retired fully in 2007. He is still actively involved in supporting our organization and encouraging our current executive director, Pastor Bryce Naylor.