Hope Now Graduate


To qualify for the Hope Now For Youth Program, one must be a Male between the ages of 16 – 24 and meet ONE of the following criteria:

  1. Be a high school drop out
  2. Be a gang member
  3. Have an arrest record


Hope Now For Youth meets every Tuesday through Thursday from 1-4:30 pm. During this time we hold our classes and other training events, as well as some recreational activities. Every client is required to be here on time and stay for the duration of the program. Potential clients are welcome to drop in during these hours to learn more and talk to a counselor.

1:00 Doors Open
Counselors completing intakes with clients
2:00 Bible Study
3:00 Class
4:30 Dismiss

1:00 Doors Open
1:15 Class
2:15 Sports at the park
3:15 Large Group Training Time
4:30 Dismiss

1:00 Doors Open
1:05 Lunch
1:35 Movie
3:45 Class
4:30 Dismiss


Hope Now TeachingIn addition to helping clients obtain SS Cards and IDs as needed, we offer the following 6 classes:

  1. Anger Recognition and Release
  2. Healthy Relationships
  3. Substance Abuse
  4. Job Search and Success
  5. Finance
  6. DMV – Drivers License Test preparation and training

Requirements for Graduation

To graduate the Hope Now For Youth program and begin actively working with the job developers to gain employment, a client must:

  1. Demonstrate good attendance
  2. Complete all six classes
  3. Have SS Card
  4. Have I.D.
  5. Pass a drug test (done in house)
  6. Return clients are assessed on an individual bases by the counselor and may be required to take some or all classes again.
  7. Other requirements remain the same.

Odd Jobs

We do our best to provide at least one odd job to every young man while he is in the Hope Now For Youth program. This is not always possible, and thus not a requirement for completion/graduation of/from the Hope Now For Youth Program.

I heard about Hope Now through a friend who told me he knew of a place that can get guys with felonies jobs. One week after finishing the program, I was offered a job at Fresno Plumbing. I am thankful to God for opening the hearts of the staff at Hope Now For Youth so that they could help me.

-Marcus F.

My Hope Now For Youth counselor was a significant part of my change. I can’t emphasize that enough. He was always there for me and always on me when I felt like giving up. I remember him coming to my house and bringing quilts. My girlfriend and I were blown away how much he cared about us. We weren’t used to that kind of love.

-Gilbert R.