Anthony was certain we were taking him to the wrong employer. How could he be getting a job at a dental surgery center? After all, his life had been on the fast track to nowhere. He believed the best he could do was a warehouse job, stacking boxes.

AnthonyFor five years now, Anthony has been a valued employee at the Fresno Dental Surgery Center. Recently, he completed a course on the sterile processing of dental tools, and he received his certification. Last month he called to thank Hope Now for getting him the job. He thanks God for giving him this opportunity.

Young men like Anthony are fearful of a new job— success is something they have never experienced, so they don’t think it is possible. Our goal is to help stretch them and encourage them toward greater opportunities. And we thank valued employers, like Fresno Dental Surgery Center, for giving Anthony and others like him a chance to rise above their own expectations.

Our banquet is less than two months away, and it is a crucial part of our work. It is our only fundraiser of the year and has the potential of supplying us with several months of operating funds. Our annual banquet also helps us get the word out about the tremendous work we are doing of rescuing young gang members from the streets. This is an important year for us. We need your help and support. Will you sponsor a table? Even if you are unable to fill a table, your sponsorship will help us work with hundreds of young men in 2016 like Anthony.

Thank you for your continued interest in Hope Now For Youth and your love and concern for young men caught up in a life of despair and hopelessness. Together, we will make a difference in 2016.

Warm regards,

Roger Feenstra
Executive Director