Help Us Achieve Our $25,000 Matching Grant

We have received a matching grant from the SG Foundation. The SG Foundation trustees and staff collectively strive to serve God and the poor by relieving suffering and improving the quality of life in communities and in the individuals in those communities both locally and around the world. Our goal this year is to hire one more counselor so we can reach more gang youth who desire to change their lives. Including benefits, insurance, and salary, it will cost us about $42,000 to bring on a new staff member. Here are ways to match your gift:

  1. Commit to giving a monthly gift beginning this month. Monthly gift amount will be totaled for the entire 2016 calendar year and count toward the match:
    • Example: $100 this month
    • April-December $100 per month
    • Total $900 = $1800 Total Impact
  2. Already give monthly? Increase your monthly gift by any amount, and the increased amount will count toward the match:
    • Example: Monthly increase = $25 (Make a note of your increased gift. You may increase your gift by more than $25.)
    • April-December $25 per month
    • Total $225 = $450 Total Impact
  3. Give a one-time gift this month in any amount and it will be doubled.