Where can I host my Watch Party?
You can host your watch party anywhere you feel most safe and comfortable. Some good suggestions are Online (Zoom, Facebook, YouTube ), at your home (indoors or outdoors), at your church (indoors or outdoors), at your business or office… Small intimate, big festive, and everything in between. The idea is to make it your own.

What’s in the Watch Party Kit?
The Watch Party Kit is provided by Hope Now to Hosts who have signed up to host a watch party. The kit includes Watch Party guides, invite cards, swag bags for guests full of goodies, discounts on food & drinks, a special gift for the Host showing our appreciation, and much more.

When can I book my Watch Party?
Hope Now is producing an online video, Grace Wins, available for streaming on our website, YouTube, and Facebook. This video will only be available Apr 29-May 2, 2021 for this fundraising effort. You can schedule it morning, noon, or night.

What about COVID-19?
Hope Now’s core value of friendship means that every life is valuable and we take precautions to keep people safe. We follow Fresno & California’s safety guidelines, and recommend you do the same. Every Watch Party Kit will contain a guide for hosting in your home, church, or business gatherings – as well as masks for every guest. We’ll also keep hosts up-to-date as news and guidelines are updated.

Who can I invite to my Watch Party?
Anyone… literally… family, friends, neighbors. This is a perfect opportunity for you to let people know about the amazing things happening at Hope Now, and share how they can get involved.

What can I do at my Watch Party?
Your Watch Party Kit will be full of instructions and ideas. Three things you’re responsible for:
1. Invite family, friends, and neighbors
2. Watch the Grace Wins video
3. Organize the gifts
Aside from that it’s all yours! You can serve coffee/tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, snacks. You can hire a chef, have it catered, do a potluck, call Uber Eats, or do it all yourself. You can have live music, a dj, games, contests… whatever you and your guests would like. Use your imagination!

If I’m not able to host a Watch Party… how else can I get involved?
We’d love you to consider Sponsoring Grace Wins.
You can watch the Grace Wins video on your own, or with anyone you choose when the video is online (Apr 29-May2) at hopenow.org/gracewins.
Also, we can really use all the promotion you can give on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
And of course, pray for our leadership, the men in Hope Now, and that more lives are transformed forever.