Hope Now: A Lasting Impact

The success of any organization is measured not by what they say they will do, but by what they actually do. Results are the test of an organization’s ability to give shareholders or stakeholders a return on their investment.

Hope Now’s return comes in the form of lives changed.

For 24 years we have helped young men make changes in their lives. We have given them tools to move from a life of hopelessness to one of success.

Hugo was in our program over 20 years ago. When he first came to us, he was only 19 years old. He was a difficult young man to work with, and his criminal record held him back from most jobs.

At that time, John Raymond was our job developer, and he worked with Hugo to place him with a local fiber optics cabling company, Tele-sense. Recently, Hugo and his son dropped by to see me. He is currently employed with Fresno City College as a counselor. He thanked Hope Now for the opportunity to make something of himself.

“Without Hope Now, I would never be where I am today.” Hugo told me.

Your investment begins the moment you write your check, but its return continues for decades. Thank you for your faithful support. As we enter the summer months, we need your help more than ever. Will you continue to be a monthly stakeholder in this valuable work?

Kindest regards,

Roger Feenstra
Executive Director