House of Refuge 1Our mission in Cambodia is to reach out to men and women who came to America as babies or young children, grew up, committed a crime, and were deported. Currently, there are 504 deportees in Cambodia. We encourage them, help them get jobs, and share the good news of Jesus with them.

Our director and his wife also have other opportunities to help those in need. Sex trafficking is violent and merciless, and it thrives in Cambodia. Here is the latest report from Chantha:

House of Refuge 2“Today my wife and I went along with ladies from House of Refuge to minister to girls/prostitutes of Wat Phnom. We asked anyone that we saw if they would join us for noodles and to hear the Word of God. I shared my testimony briefly, and then we prayed for the girls after. The majority of the women have AIDS and are forced into prostitution. Some are even sold by their parents. The ladies in the red and blue in the first picture were the first ones I talked to, and one of them told me, “I’m waiting for customers.” I was really sad to hear this. I know this is their reality, but it hit me really hard. Please pray for this ministry as it grows. The House of Refuge shelter has many available rooms for them to stay in. Later another girl asked if she could live at the shelter and asked if they could pick her up Monday.”

Thank you for your financial support. Pray for this couple as they minister to a diverse people in a foreign land.