“I miss the smell of manure!” As several of us rode through the streets of Phnom Penh, Chantha’s
(our Hope Now Cambodia director) question was, “Do you know what I miss about the United
States?” Another in our our group chimed in, “I miss the smell of freshly cut grass.” Another said, “I
miss walking into Walmart.” Then, one young man mused, “I wish I would have paid more
attention to the world around me and appreciated it more.”

The consequences of mistakes made in life are sometimes philosophical–they roll around in our
minds like a billiard ball, never finding a pocket to rest in. I looked at each of these young men
and said, “You can look at your surroundings today, right here in this city, and pay attention to the
positive things around you. It is never too late to pay attention.”

Our work in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is difficult. Every young man is dealing with depression.
Every young man is lonely. Every young man is longing for the touch of a family member. But we
are there to bring hope from God’s Word, and to tell them and show them that there are people
who still love and care for them.

While these young men were deported because of their own willful actions to break the law, they
still need hope. They need our help to smell the manure and the cut grass right where they are.
Thank you for your support of Hope Now in Fresno and the small work we do in Cambodia.