Tony’s Transformation

“I was a bad kid who loved to fight.” At the age of 11, Tony began getting in trouble at school. His fighting and disobedience led to suspension and eventual expulsion from Fresno Unified Schools.

TonyWhen he was 12 years old, he didn’t care what happened to him. Without a dad to guide him, Tony continued to fight, get drunk and high, steal, and even sell drugs.

He became a member of the Bulldogs gang because he wanted to feel a part of something. The gang gave him purpose in his life, even though it was misguided. He followed the gang for six more years.

When he was 18, he became a father. The idea of raising a daughter changed his thinking. Remembering what it was like for him to grow up without a father, Tony wanted more for his child. He decided he needed change.

He was introduced to Hope Now For Youth by his brother-in-law, and Tony decided to give it a try. Now 22 years old, he has graduated from our program, cleaned up his life of drug abuse, is controlling his anger, and attends Hope Now Bible Church on a regular basis.

None of the young men we help are perfect. Like Tony, they still struggle. But they are making progress, and
change is evident.

Thank you for supporting Hope Now For Youth and young men like Tony. He is one of hundreds we help each year.

Kindest regards,

Roger Feenstra
Executive Director