Nothing is Impossible

Foolish and impossible! Some may think working with gang members is just that. Maybe from a jaded perspective, they are right. But for those who have witnessed the rescue of these troubled young men, it’s not foolish or impossible. To them, it’s a miracle.

There is a popular song today that addresses this philosophy. The song says, “Call it what it is. Call it grace. Amazing, unshaking. This is grace, this is grace. Unchanging, unfailing. This is grace, this is grace.”

Call It Grace. This is the theme of our 23rd annual banquet on February 25th. I hope you will take the time to RSVP and attend this inspirational time where we will hear from several such miracles. It will be a time to see grace in action.

If you have never attended, you’ve missed a wonderful opportunity to see God at work in our communities. There is nothing spectacular about the food or the lighting or the sound at our banquet, but what always shines forth are the young men, and sometimes women, who once were “dead,” and are now breathing out new life.

I promise that you will walk away feeling better about our world after attending our banquet. It’s free too! Just RSVP by calling, e-mailing, or going to our website. Bring a few friends with you. In fact, why not sponsor a table? I would love to see you on Thursday, February 25th.

Foolish and impossible? Hardly. Come and see for yourself.

Warm regards,

Roger Feenstra
Executive Director